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  • Paul Cooley

Gerry Rodeo Stagecoach

Fans entering the parking area at the Gerry Fire Department’s rodeo this week are greeted by an 1880’s stagecoach replica. It was originally owned by Bill and Lucille Frost of Sinclairville and used for years in their Wild West Shows. The manikin in the driver’s seat and the passenger manikin are wearing the original costumes that Bill and Lucille wore in their shows. Bill recently died, and Cindy Scarborough of Gerry is the custodian of this piece of history and has loaned it for this event.

The 78th annual rodeo competition continues tonight and Saturday night at 8 with dinners and the midway opening at 5. Additional information is available at the rodeo website or by phone at (716) 985-4847.

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